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These tips will also need to be communicated in a way that does not scare children, but encourages them to take responsibility.

While the media’s focus on internet safety has shifted almost exclusively to cyberbullying and sexting, other forms of predation continue to pose a threat.

The court was told Cook used the chatrooms as a substitute to personal sexual encounters and he usually claimed to be younger than he was.

Cook justified his behaviour on the high probability the people he was talking to were adults and not children, the court heard.

If you asked one of today’s teens whether or not a predator was trying to stalk them through a chat room, they’d probably fall over laughing and tell you that “nobody uses those anymore” – and to be fair, they’re kind of right.

However, many social networks do have chat functions where groups of people can all gather together at once – and programs like Omegle specifically allow strangers to talk with each other.

Charges were filed against Lucas after he sent a naked picture of himself during his first online chat with an agent pretending to be an underage teen girl and pressured the ‘girl’ to meet with him in person.

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The matter was referred to Tasmania Police who then searched his home and seized computer equipment and hard drives.The second arrestee, Richard Carbo, is also charged with attempting to engage in sexual activity with a minor after soliciting an undercover agent who posed as a teenage girl in an Internet chat room.In the previous part of our series on online predators, we talked about the way they’re actually behaving today – and how it’s really nothing like the cliche image of an impulsive pedophile.Whilst specialist services may be more likely to come across children and young people who have been involved in either the production or use of pornography, all services have a role to play in enabling children and young people to use the internet safely, fro example by providing information.Guidelines for internet use by children and young people To keep children and young people safe online ensure they are aware of safety tips or rules like the following.