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The metabolic profile was evaluated by body mass index and glycosylated hemoglobin assay.

Results: The prevalence of sexual dysfunction (total score ≤30) was significantly higher in the type 1 DM group (25/49, 51%; 95% confidence interval [CI] 18–31) than in the control group (4/45, 9%; 95% CI 3–5; =0.773).

Two of the early leaders of the X Window System community were lost to cancer this year — Smokey Wallace, who led the DEC WSL team which created the initial implementation of X11, and Hideki Hiura from Sun Microsystems who helped design the X11R6 internationalization framework. The next full release will be X11R7.7 and is expected in 2011.

Unlike X11R1 through X11R6.9, X11R7.x releases are not built from one monolithic source tree, but many individual modules.

The mean values for desire were reduced in type 1 and type 2 DM groups versus control group.

It does not provide a full desktop environment, expecting a more feature rich set of applications to be installed from one of the several excellent desktop environments available for the X Window System. Org developers continue to maintain and produce new releases of much of the software that was formerly in the main window system releases but is no longer included in the katamari releases, including many of the Athena Widgets desktop applications that were provided as samples in previous window system versions.

Once their window system build is established, most builders watch for announcements of individual module updates on the xorg-announce mailing list and update to those as needed. Org Foundation currently releases the X Window System katamari releases approximately once a year, but many modules, especially the X servers and drivers, are updated more frequently between those releases.

These modules are distributed as individual source code releases, and each one is released when it is ready, instead of only when the overall window system is ready for release.

The X11R7.x releases are made by “rolling up” the individual module releases into a collection that is often affectionately called the “” by the developers.