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Many of the ideas for what to include on this page have come from questions I have been asked by either people emailing me or questions in the Zippo Click forums.

So to those who ask and to those who help to find the answer, I would like to say "Thank You".

Much of the early Zippo lighter advertising are works of art painted by hand, and as technology has evolved, so has the design and finish of the Zippo lighter.

You can learn plenty about cool Zippo lighters from the date stamped on it.

Even if you just added some a few days ago, it's worth checking again.

This is particularly important if you've left your Zippo alone for a few weeks or longer.

You don't really want to mail your beloved lighter back to the manufacturer: even though you don't have to pay for them to fix the problem, you'd really prefer to have the lighter on hand.However, 24 months after the purchase date, you will be charged for the labor involved in any repair or replacement, whether the parts are covered by the warranty or not.In order to benefit from this warranty, you must present the warranty certificate.Zippo seem to make minor design changes every so often and this is what this page is about.I will document here any changes that I discover and try my best to list the date that the change came into place.