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Six months previously, hit zombie caper The Walking Dead had signed off on the mother of all cliff-hangers, with newly unveiled super-villain Negan selecting one of the show’s beloved crew of post-apocalyptic survivors for execution. Wielding his barbwire-wrapped baseball bat “Lucille”, Negan crushed Abraham’s head to a bloody mulch. Even worse was the fate reserved for Glenn – biffed up so badly by Negan that his eyeball detached from its retina.

The torturous twist was that the identity of his victim was to be kept secret until the series returned in the autumn. Viewers were stunned – and many straight-up furious.

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The skills he developed negotiating with the governments of Great Britain and Taiwan were later brought to bear in dealing with prominent artists such as Dale Chihuly and Morris Graves.

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By February, the governor of Washington had signed a bill creating a World Fair Commission and appointed hotelier Eddie Carlson as chair.

“If you want to get an important job done, ask the busiest man in town,” the mused, after Carlson instituted regular 7am breakfast meetings of the committee.