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hours, oversleeping in the morning, and feeling groggy and un-refreshed upon awakening. (some nights earlier) and not fall asleep until around 3-4 a.m. and try to force herself awake but would turn the alarm off in her sleep and would sleep until 11 a.m. She was frustrated that so much of her 24 hours was spent "trying" to sleep, and she reported she had to fix her sleep situation as soon as possible because a family member recently became ill requiring her to drive the family member to early morning doctor's appointments.

The sleep issue was discussed with her primary care physician, and the offered treatment was sleep medication.

She was reluctant about taking it, but tried for several nights with little to no effect and eventually discontinued it.

Her primary care physician also offered her the advice that she just needed to relax at night, which led to her feeling that the problem was just dismissed and not taken seriously. Based on what she had read she had eliminated caffeine, replaced her mattress with a new one, darkened her room, and ensured a comfortable room temperature during her intended sleep time.

There may be bigger differences between early birds and night owls than the time they go to sleep.

In a new study conducted by Dario Maestripieri of the University of Chicago, bedtime might also be linked to relationship orientation.

Here are few strategies I’ve developed for effective late rising.

Conversely, night owls both go to bed and wake up late; they are cognitively sharpest in the evening and don't perform as well the morning.

While many of us are firmly in either the early bird or the night owl camps, others fall somewhere in between or do not have an identifiable sleep pattern. eveningness—technically known as —are stable over time and, to some degree, genetic, although environmental factors, such as geography, season, and work schedules, can also influence our sleep patterns.

After a few weeks, sleep deprivation set in and I went back to my normal sleep pattern.

For those of us who experience a late night surge of mentally activity, waking before 6 a.m. Sleep schedule depends on many factors and is subject to change, but it’s important to find what works for you.