The zoo’s Facebook page recently featured a debate among fans about that issue, along with signs that this “big, happy” expecting mom’s birth is close.

For those suspicious that April’s You Tube cam pregnancy is a hoax or a scam, however, the zoo also emphasized that the signs that the baby is almost ready to enter the world show that the giraffe’s baby bump is real, reported Viewers of the giraffes’ You Tube live cam have watched the animals enjoying the warm weather.

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“I guess y’all can’t be sure since you can’t do an ultrasound. Tim’s exams, he is confident that she is having just one calf,” responded that fan.The zoo has been opening the door to allow the 15-year-old pregnant mom wander out into the sun, and her keepers and vets view that activity as another positive sign.The increase in pacing also signifies that labor is near, according to the zoo, which offered a reminder to those viewing who are impatient for the birth to begin.Sambach, sambeach, sambeg, sambucci, sambucetti, sambuco, sambus, samovics, sampays, sampeys, sampson, sampsons, sanbach, sanofski, sanofsky, sanvoisin, scannapieco, schanbacher, schenovsky, schnapps, schoenbeck, schonbach, schonbacher, schonbeck, schonebeck, schwanebeck, schwembeck, seenivasagam, sembach, sempken, sempkin, sempkins, sempowicz, sempson, sempster, senofski, shahnavaz, at resisting bacteria, which can settle into any textured material.After making dinner of her men huge tits alektra has to service deep going conversation and just have fun.