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Every digital marketing detail is purposefully designed to create the intended results by incorporating the essential science of marketing, heatmaps and branding.Colours, images and skilfully-crafted words are strategically placed to compel a response from the visitors, whether it is to sign up for your newsletter, like your Facebook page, register for a course, make a phone call, or purchase a product.Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google , Linked In, Pinterest and You Tube.This process usually involves generating content that resonates with the target audience, and spreading these content on the viral social media sites.It has given customers a platform to voice out, feedback, share, discuss and even collaborate with brands directly. Facebook As its active users numbered over a billion, it is empirical to say that Facebook is the most common among all the social media platforms out there.Social Media, just like technology, is a moving target. Facebook uses the social graph and activities to target demographics and people, making Facebook Advertising incredibly attractive for advertisers.Our primary service is to help parents and students to find suitable one-to-one home tutors for all levels, which includes pre-school, primary school, secondary school, Integrated Programme school, international school, junior college, polytechnic, university and adult learners.

Even those involved will contribute in the form of energy, moral and financial support to ensure the success of the Sarawak Malay Drums performance, creating a collaborative practice or ‘gotong-royong’.

By making the performing arts program Sarawak Malay drum music as a subject of study, this study uses secondary and primary approach to obtain its data.

Independent and structured face to face interviews with expert informants is an important tool to obtain information.

The onset of companies using social media sites for marketing and advertising, as well as customer service and support, is what transformed social networking from a casual personal news feed into a relevant business platform.

Below are the top issues marketers are facing today with social media marketing, based on the survey results of social media report 2014 by The social web is fundamentally changing the landscape for retailers, the service industry and traditional local businesses. You have to use your time wisely on these platform, by building relationships with your buyers and your prospects. Spend money being able to afford the time to build relationships of value for your company.