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Just curious, does anyone out there has a legible schematic for an ABU Ambassadeur 5000B?The ones I've found on line look like microfiche copies; they are very hard to read. Tmejia59 Check abu website put 12 00 in search box that should be the correct foot #.Well, tonight as I was reading through a stack of early 1950s The Fisherman magazines, I found not only an early ad but an actual write-up by Art Hutt on the new Swedish Ambassadeur.The write-up by Hutt was printed in the March 1954 issue and must be one of, if not “the,” first write-ups on the new reel since Ribb said the reel didn’t come to the states until 1954.

I live on the West coast in southwest Washington and still get a phone call from someone on the East coast at 5 or 6 AM. I am accepting offers on a NIB Black 2500c Nostalgia reel.Superb working order, still a great smooth reel to fish with but probably destined for the cabinet.Lovely chrome sits well against the black side plates and handle, smooth clutch and tough gearing allow you to play your catch , whilst the stainless bearings allow for some smooth casting. Set for right hand wind, this three tier model has a serial number "2-319" on the tail plate, and markings "Fin-Nor #2 - Designed by Gar Wood Jr." The curved name plate is blank on this 3 1/2" diameter, 1" wide spool reel that weighs 10.2ozs. It is in used condition, spooled with a Cortland WF12F Rocket taper line and backing. Easily converts from right-hand to left-hand retrieve. Some of the longer 1 piece rods may have an 'oversized' shipping charge.