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Perhaps a chat with a counselor may help you acquire some attitude and behavioral changes that make the process of dating less punitive and more fun..Its your call but at your age seems quite premature.But how does someone who at sixty has not been really outgoing, has not sharpened up on the latest in technoogy, does not know how to use the internet, find herself a man?

Yes, that sounds like a long time but I had gone through a difficult divorce and I felt my kids needed my attention more than I needed a date and to be honest, I’m glad I went that route.

Deep down you’ll always be miserable and expect more than anyone can give.

I chat with a few women on this site and we seem to get along pretty well....there is a excellent connection with them.

Not because any were bad or unsuccessful, but because I want to focus on myself.

Sure, it’s nice to meet people, learn new things, discover what you are/are not looking for, and get a free meal.