Avg general error while updating

Please use this information at your own discretion.When installing or un-installing Microsoft Windows component technologies on Windows Vista/Seven/Win2K8-Server (or newer) you may encounter a message box similar to "Error 1402.

The OS has been completely reinstalled, but the problem continues. Most indications are that it is a driver problem, but how can I narrow down or identify the problem driver with no file or driver name info in the error? I have had this exact problem in two different cases. Interpreting the Message This Stop message has four parameters: Memory referenced. Type of access (0x00000000 = read operation, 0x00000001 = write operation). Resolving the Problem For additional troubleshooting suggestions that apply to all Stop errors, see "Stop Message Checklist" later in this appendix.But they can be in a batch ( a set of SQL sent to the server in one round trip) keyword.Even if you do write a "updatable" view (which is simply a view that follows certain restrictions), updates like this will fail.WAprrs = 'start,stop' FROM Table2 JOIN @ids i on = Table2.id; COMMIT; Sorry, afaik, you cannot do that.To update attributes in two different tables, you will need to execute two separate statements.